Eastside_Events | Eastside Toronto Events
Eastside-Events, Eastside-Toronto-Events, Toronto-Beaches-Festival, Leslieville-Food-and-Drink-Festival, Leslieville-Christmas-Pop-up-Market, Toronto-events
Eastside-Events, Eastside-Toronto-Events, Toronto-Beaches-Festival, Leslieville-Food-and-Drink-Festival, Leslieville-Christmas-Pop-up-Market, Toronto-events
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Our Call Center

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Upcoming Eastside Events

Take a Leap.. Exhibit With Us!
  • Generate new leads
  • Establish & grow your brand
  • Makes sales & showcase your product
  • Meet and partner with others in the same industry
  • Grow your business.
  • Tell customer success stories to an engaged and interested audience.
  • Market your online business
Reasons to Volunteer

  • Assist us with giving back
  • Make a difference
  • Career Booster: Need experience?
  • School Hours
  • Be part of our community
  • Have a good time

Volunteering is Fun

We love giving back and with our events we do just that.  Enjoy and learn new skills volunteering with us.  Join our team on a temporary or part-time basis.

What To Expect @ Our Events


Let’s Get Social

We love the Eastside and our event attendees.  It’s great to socialize with other like minded, friendly local neighbours.  Everyone is invited, but be prepared to be surrounded by the East 😀


Discover Food & Drink From The East

At all our events we promote local and feature amazing restaurants, breweries and bars from the Eastside. If you want to sample some amazing food and drink, be sure to attend our next event.


Giving Back

We love giving back to our community through our events.  To help us reach our goal, please get in touch.  We are always accepting volunteers and sponsors.


Be Entertained

We always have entertainment at our events and always search for more partners to feature their best.

You may have experienced everything from listening to a live band to yoga in the park or on the beach to ping pong or children’s activities and even a visit from Santa.


Sponsors & Partners 2016-2017